U.S. Chamber of Commerce


The US Chamber of Commerce, a well-known business advocacy group, looked for creative ways to improve their online presence and make it easier for users to interact with them. We collaborated extensively with them on several important initiatives.


  1. White Label Portal: Psycray created a white-label portal seamlessly integrated into their partner site. This portal allows the US Chamber of Commerce to easily register users through their own channels on the partner site, improving user acquisition and interaction. The white-label portal helped the Chamber to promote their brand by using their logo and branding elements when users register.
  2. RSS Feed Integration: We added RSS feeds from the US Chamber of Commerce’s website to our custom-designed widgets. This will give readers a better experience. The widgets not only had an easy-to-use interface to access and understand relevant content easily, but also had extra features like personalized content suggestions and live updates.
  3. Financial Tracker Dashboard: Psycray developed a robust financial tracker dashboard, a pivotal component of the project. The dashboard lets users link their bank accounts and view all recurring subscriptions, expenses, and streams of money in a single location.It also has helpful features like budgeting tools, expense categories, and tracking financial goals.
  4. Custom API Endpoint: To further enhance the functionality and reach of the financial tracker dashboard, we engineered a custom API endpoint. This endpoint allowed users to seamlessly pull financial data from the dashboard into their own client sites, enhancing accessibility and data utilization. Additionally, the custom API endpoint provided developers with the flexibility to integrate financial data into various applications and services, opening up new possibilities for data analysis and automation.


Our collaborative efforts with the US Chamber of Commerce resulted in transformative outcomes:
  • Improved User Engagement: The white-label portal, developed together with the US Chamber of Commerce, greatly simplified user registration. It provides a smooth experience through partner channels. This improvement not only increased user engagement but also expanded their reach to a wider audience.
  • Streamlined Content Consumption: One of the key enhancements we implemented was the incorporation of RSS feeds into customized widgets. This innovative feature optimized content consumption for their readers, allowing them to access relevant information more efficiently. By promoting engagement through easier content discovery, we were able to further enhance the user experience.
  • Financial Tracker Dashboard: We collaborated with the US Chamber of Commerce to create a modern financial tracker dashboard. The tool helps users see all their financial data easily. It makes it simpler to manage subscriptions, expenses, and revenue streams. Consolidating financial information in one place helps users make better decisions and monitor their financial health.
  • API Empowerment: To further empower our clients, we implemented a custom API endpoint that seamlessly integrated financial data into their websites. This integration not only enhanced the functionality of their sites but also improved the overall user experience. By enabling real-time access to financial information, our clients were able to utilize data more effectively, leading to better business insights and decision-making.
To sum up, our diverse partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce led to groundbreaking solutions that not only enhanced user engagement and content consumption, but also offered influential financial insights and seamless data integration capabilities.