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It’s time to move beyond pageviews and sessions
Get a 360° view of your company – and take action!

What are full insight analytics?
  • Full Insight Analytics is a comprehensive analytics service provided by Psycray
  • It helps businesses gain a complete understanding of their website’s performance and user behavior
  • The service covers web analytics, user behavior analysis, conversion tracking, heat mapping, and more in automated referral marketing
  • Full Insight Analytics provides detailed reports and actionable insights to improve website performance and user experience

Keeping tabs on all of your marketing tools can be a lot of work – and understanding all of the information between them is even more work in marketing automation agency.

It doesn’t have to be. Psycray believes that data should just work together without all of the hands-on effort. Your tools should stay in sync, your reports should all be in one place – and they should show you exactly how efforts from one channel are affecting other channels.

We create a unique, automated marketing hub that unites the information from all of your tools and, when desired, even takes action on your behalf to ensure that your users become repeat visitors with higher levels of engagement in marketing automation agency.

Check out a few examples to get a small taste of the possibilities.

360° Activity Insights

See a complete end-to-end timeline of your user’s behavior.
We pull insights from all of the tools you use, to combine your key data in one easy to understand dashboard.

Did your newsletter subscribers visit the pages you hoped? Did they stay on the site longer than non-subscribers? Did your recent blast get the engagement from your “Technology” segment that you wanted? Were there more or less support emails sent after this blast? Now you can know for sure.

personalized drip content

You don’t have time to monitor every user’s actions to manually send them content that is relevant to their growing interests – so we handle this for you.

For example, when a visitor finishes reading your new “2020 Olympic Games” blog post, then visits your store to check out fitness gear – we can show them other articles and products that become more relevant with each click.

Maybe that user just signed up for your, “Olympic Games” newsletter updates – after they do, we can automatically send them a special “thank you” email and update your CRM with this information.

cross-app data sync

You use mail campaigns to drive engagement and sales, then you add those users to your CRM; maybe you’re even using a live chat support solution where you talk to these same users.

Your customers are your customers, no matter which marketing tool you’re currently using – their information should be the same in every app and we can help with that.

Enriched User Profiles

Of course it’s good to know how many people are visiting your website – but who are these people? In order to truly drive engagement, you need to know what industry your visitors are in, what size their companies are, their geographic location – but unless they sign up, how can you find out?

We can help. We start with an IP address and start building profiles for your visitors. As they become registered users, we continue to build that profile and sync it to your CRM so you always know exactly who your audience is.