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But what does that mean for you?

Think of these concepts like a brain that’s always turned on.
It constantly takes in information, organizes it and starts to develop patterns that become the “memories” of your customers and your business.

Chances are, your staff spends a lot of time doing repetitive tasks – all the stuff that keeps your business running. Keeping tabs on your CRM to find the best leads, then building profiles around those leads to make sure you have all of the information you need to make a sale; or reading through all of your e-commerce reviews to make sure unhappy customers find satisfactory resolutions.

We can implement solutions that read those reviews for you, then isolate the key words that describe the problem – and notify you of the customer that needs attention. Over time, the system can deliver reports to help you find your company’s strengths and weaknesses so you can keep evolving with your customers’ needs in machine learning services.

Check out a few examples to get a small taste of the possibilities.

Natural language processing means you can ask questions in English and get answers in English.

You offer a lot of services to a lot of customers – but that’s a lot keep track of.

Imagine if you could type into a search box, “Which customers spent the most on pasta this month?”, then you instantly get a list of your customers and their transactions.

AI ECommerce Search Generative AI suggests mugs[/caption]

Scan your social media, product reviews, support emails and call transcripts to get a complete view of how your customers are feeling.

Get a 360 degree view of your customers’ opinion of you – from high level to the granular details of each review.

Gladly Inbox

Gone are the chat bots of the 90s – you know, the ones that had a whopping 3 responses no matter what you asked it.

Now is the time of the intelligent automated assistant, they can help your customer’s with pricing information, help them find the product they’re looking for and even make sales on your behalf.

The ability to add “related products” in your online shop has been around for years, but it can take a long time to create these links manually.

Using artificial intelligence, your online store can come alive and generate unique product recommendations to your customers based on their location, browsing history and 100s of other data points.