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Keep Data Updated & In Sync: SaaS Integration

get the most from your tools

Reap the rewards of automatic data flow and synchronization; that means less time spent on manual tasks and more time invested in your business; all with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that data is current everywhere you need it.

CRM & E-Commerce integration

Equip your website or application to easily and securely accept and process payments, display customer data and automatically send emails for recurring events. We can guide you through your options and help you setup a custom solution that fits your precise needs. Sync e-commerce transactions to your CRM, automate segmenting of customers based on habits, then schedule email campaigns – all without a single click.

Keep customer data in-sync in every platform. When updates are made in Google Contacts, your CRM should know about it…and your Email Marketing platform, and anywhere else you might need to access updated contact info.

financial & accounting integration

A marketing strategy isn’t effective if you can’t measure ROI.
Pull your revenue data & ad spend into a single dashboard to get a clear picture of how your ad dollars relate to new paying customers.

Shipping and logistics integration

Whether you’re looking to automate parts of your shipping process, or you want to provide real-time shipping prices through your website, we’ve got you covered. We can help you with every aspect of your process, from dynamic shipping rate integration and address verification, to shipping label and tracking number generation and much more.

Geolocation integration

Mobile apps are empowering consumers like never before. A simple notification can help them find nearby homes for sale, check-in to a local business for a special offer or even compare gas prices in town. Geolocation offers a world of opportunity for marketing your business and engaging with your customers while they’re on the go. We can enhance the capabilities of your app with a custom, location-based marketing solution.

Marketing / tracking integration

Get the most out of your marketing strategy by automatically generating leads, displaying unique content to those leads, and monitoring & optimizing conversions.

Combine Google Analytics data with FullStory sessions URLs to get a granular view of how your traffic behaves.

Miscellaneous integrations

We have experience working with a wide range of APIs, integration services and databases to produce custom software solutions for our clients. These solutions range from cloud-based accounting software, ERPs, CRMs, Email Marketing & Survey Tools and a variety of custom APIs or custom connectors created from scratch.