CNA Financial


Through our ongoing partnership with CNA Financial, a leading financial corporation, we faced a pivotal challenge. They had a substantial dataset, and their custom Angular JS app embedded in Sharepoint needed seamless access. However, their existing search functionality lacked key features like fuzzy matching and suffered from slow response times.


The project was driven by the following key objectives:

  1. Enhance search capabilities within the custom Angular JS application.
  2. Implement fuzzy matching to improve search accuracy.
  3. Significantly reduce response times, even when handling large datasets.
  4. Ensure compatibility and integration with Sharepoint.


To address these challenges, Psycray devised and executed a comprehensive solution:

  1. Custom Libraries: Psycray developed tailor-made libraries to augment the Angular JS application’s search functionality, enabling precise querying of the dataset.
  2. Fuzzy Matching Implementation: Leveraging custom libraries, Psycray introduced fuzzy matching capabilities, allowing users to obtain relevant results even with minor spelling discrepancies or variations.
  3. External Database and Custom API: Psycray integrated an external database and crafted a custom API. This architecture not only facilitated efficient data storage but also ensured near real-time search results.
  4. Performance Optimization: Rigorous performance tuning was undertaken to achieve swift response times, even when handling extensive datasets.
  5. Sharepoint Integration: Psycray seamlessly embedded the enhanced Angular JS application within Sharepoint, preserving the client’s existing ecosystem.


The collaborative effort between Psycray and CNA Financial resulted in a transformational outcome:

  • Improved Search: The Angular JS application now delivers advanced search capabilities, including fuzzy matching, which significantly enhances the user experience.
  • Swift Response Times: With custom libraries and performance optimizations, users enjoy near real-time results, even when dealing with large datasets.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The custom API and external database integration have streamlined data access and retrieval processes.
  • Seamless Integration: The solution seamlessly integrates with Sharepoint, preserving the client’s existing infrastructure.

In conclusion, the project successfully addressed CNA Financial’s challenges by delivering a highly efficient Angular JS application embedded within Sharepoint. The implementation of custom libraries, fuzzy matching, and performance optimizations has significantly improved search capabilities and response times, ultimately enhancing the client’s data access experience.