AllianceCo USA

Meeting a need for Enterprise procurement employees by building a custom feedback portal for suppliers/buyers.


AllianceCo USA, a leading company in commercial construction and architecture, wanted to strengthen its digital infrastructure and ensure high data security standards. Their collaboration with Psycray focused on two key aspects: a seamless email migration and robust data security measures.


The project had the following pivotal goals:

  1. Email Migration: To migrate email services from a third-party exchange server to the cloud-based Outlook 365 platform. This involved converting mailbox formats from proprietary to standard PST and migrating MX records to Microsoft for a smoother transition.
  2. Security Enhancement: In response to a data breach, AllianceCo USA aimed to implement enhanced compliance and security monitoring. This encompassed mailbox archiving and hold compliance, along with proactive measures such as malware and data leak scans for all document and email transactions.
  3. Data Recovery: The project also included a critical phase of data recovery from a terminated employee’s workstation. This required the retrieval of crucial data that an ex-employee had attempted to destroy.


To meet these objectives, Psycray and AllianceCo USA collaborated closely, implementing the following solutions:

  1. Email Migration: Psycray executed a meticulous email migration strategy, converting proprietary mailbox formats to standard PST and seamlessly transitioning MX records to Microsoft. This ensured minimal disruption to AllianceCo USA’s email communications.
  2. Compliance and Security: Robust security enhancements were introduced, including mailbox archiving and hold compliance to safeguard critical data. Advanced malware and data leak scans were implemented to fortify defenses against potential threats.
  3. Data Restoration: Psycray’s expertise was put to the test in recovering lost data from a terminated employee’s workstation. The successful retrieval of vital information underscored Psycray’s commitment to data resilience.


The partnership between Psycray and AllianceCo USA yielded remarkable results:

  • Seamless Email Transition: The email migration to Outlook 365 was executed flawlessly, ensuring uninterrupted communication for AllianceCo USA.
  • Enhanced Security: The implementation of compliance measures and security monitoring fortified AllianceCo USA’s defenses, instilling confidence in their data security posture.
  • Data Recovery Triumph: Psycray’s data recovery efforts not only salvaged valuable information but also showcased the resilience of AllianceCo USA’s data infrastructure.

In conclusion, Psycray’s collaboration with AllianceCo USA delivered exceptional outcomes, meeting their objectives with precision. The project shows Psycray’s dedication to managing and protecting AllianceCo USA’s data. They aim to enhance digital asset security while keeping operations efficient.