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Understanding Sem


What Is Sem?

SEM ­ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an important part of internet marketing. SEM strives to drive a target audience to your web site and increase your web site visibility in the Search Engine Results (SERP) Pages. Our website services help you develop new client and revenue streams.[/vc_column_text]

Our SEM Services may include:

  • PPC Campaign Management customized for your special needs.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Directory Submissions
  • Paid Inclusion Management Services
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Banner Advertising
  • Online Promotion (e.g. Press Releases, Blogs)

Learn how Psycray’s search engine marketing campaign (SEM) will increase traffic to your website. Increased traffic translates to more customers and growth in revenue. Internet marketing or online marketing is becoming an increasingly important component of almost every company’s marketing efforts. Discover how Psycray can make your internet marketing a success.

To learn more about SEM/SEO as it applies to a specific industry, read Audience Acquisition for Online Media: It’s Not Your Father’s Circulation Model.”

Contact us to receive additional SEM Information related to your specific industry.

How Is Search Engine Marketing Growing ?

62% of search engine users click on results within the first page. 90%of the searchers click on a result within the first three pages. Marketers recognize the importance of rankings on search engine results pages and are working to optimize their sites to improve ranking. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), online advertising strategies that work to move websites closer to the first page search results (serps), may include search engine PPC campaigns, organic search engine optimization, paid inclusion, banners and/or other website optimization services.

MarketingSherpa’s 2007 Search Marketing Benchmark Survey indicates that many marketers plan to increase their Pay-per-click (PPC) budgets by at least 11 % for the coming year. Search Engine marketing spending for 2007 exceeded projections and is expected to show growth in the double-digit percentages for 2008 despite a gloomy economic forecast.

Surveys conducted by Radar Research and completed by 867 search engine advertisers and agencies show:

  • Growing from $9.4 billion in 2006 to $12.2 billion in 2007, the North American SEM industry exceeded 2007 growth projections by over $2 billion.
  • Projections for 2013 North American SEM spending expect Search Engine Marketing costs to soar to $26 billion.
  • In 2007 SEM dollars were divided between paid placement (87.4%), organic SEO (10.5%), paid inclusion (.07%) and technology investment (1.4%).

Core search engines Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, and had a collective increase of 15%when you compare searches made in December 2007 to searches in December 2006. During December 2007 “Google served 5.6 billion searches; Yahoo, 2.2 billion; Microsoft, 940 million; Time Warner’s AOL, 442 million; and, 415 million.” More than 113 billion searches were made using these core search engines during 2007 in the U.S. alone.(

Advertiser’s demand, the cost of keywords and pay-per-click campaigns have fueled the increase in search engine marketing budgets. Advertisers recognize the importance of an online presence in reaching their target audience. Professional SEM services including ppc search engine internet marketing and search engine optimization are the most efficient way to increase a site’s online presence. Psycray , a provider of quality business solutions and professional SEM, can help you increase your targeted web site traffic. We provide large and small business technology solutions and are experts in the search engine marketing you need to move your company forward.

Sempo “Search Engine Marketing Shows Strength as Spending Continues on a Growth Track against Doom and Gloom Economic Background”
Internet Retailer “Search engine marketing spending exceeds 2007 projections, survey finds” “U.S. Internet Properties in 2007” “SEM Spend to Top $26B by 2013; Cannibalizes Print Media”

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Organic Sem

What Is Organic  Search Engine Marketing ?

Organic search results are search engine results occurring when users find websites that have unpaid search engine listings. Organic search accounts for the majority of all searches. It is believed that up to 2/3 of the click traffic today comes from organic search. This makes it even more important that search engine optimization by a custom website design company like Psycray help you find the keywords being used to locate businesses like yours and help you move up in the search results. In order to move up in an organic search a website must provide content relevant to the search query and a supporting linking structure. A content rich site with supporting title tags, meta data and alt tags.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Seo ?

Organic search engine results join pay- per-click as another search engine internet marketing program. Website visitors using organic search results are, unlike pay-per-click visitors, totally free. In addition to free visitors, studies have shown that there is a very high ROI on organic search clicks. More searchers click on organic results than PPC ads. Google’s rankings are trusted by most searchers. If Google thinks highly of your site and your site has achieved a high ranking, site visitors are more likely to trust your site.

What Are The Challenges For Organic Search ?

Organic or natural search engine ranking does not come easily or quickly. Improved search engine ranking can take a few weeks to a few months depending upon the competitiveness in your industry. Improved search engine ranking also requires an investment in your website. You will need to offer good content relevant to searches being conducted. An organized search engine optimization campaign planned by Psycray, a firm accustomed to providing large and small business technology solutions and expert advice, can be highly effective.

Psycray looks at many issues when working on a plan to improve a website’s organic search engine ranking. A site’s content is scrutinized and their linking structure is examined. Keyword research is conducted. What words are being used to find your site’s product? What are the most relevant and most used terms? Are there search terms that other sites similar to yours are not using but are being used in searches? Title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, alt text and body copy should be focused on your selected keyword phrases.

What Is The Optimal Balance In Sem?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising will provide immediate traffic to your site. PPC advertising also allows you to closely monitor which keywords are most effective in bringing visitors that actually convert. Organic search engine optimization attracts visitors free of charge. More searchers click on the organic search listings rather than using the paid links. Searchers tend to have a higher trust level for the natural rankings in Google and, therefore, for the sites that have achieved a high ranking with Google.

A blend of these two approaches will bring the right blend of immediate growth and investment in future growth. Let Psycray show you how organic search results and PPC campaigns can work best for you.