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Tips to promote your brand by Online Ad Marketing


We would like to talk about a most basic but interesting topic: Tips to promote your brand by Online Ad Marketing. Everyone knows about online advertisement, and half of you may have already published your own online banners over the Internet to drive traffic. We would like to share some points which may help to enhance your Online Ad Marketing performance & also promote your brand.

  1. Make your Online Ad Banner Attractive. Our goal is to publish advertisements that promote your product and brand to your target audience. We want to get you noticed. Making your banner attractive should help to drive more attention and improve your Click Through Rate.
  2. Call to Action on Banner. You expect visitors to notice your ad and click it, don’t you? Put a strong call to action button over the banner and give your visitor a reason to click through. This approach definitely helps to increase your CTR.
  3. Keep Ad Personalized. Some ad publishers embed codes behind flash ad banners to show personal greeting messages based on the IP address and cookies. Our experience is that most of them obtain tremendously successful CTR.
  4. Being Relevant Between Online Ad and Landing Page. Keeping your landing page consistent with your banner is very important. Think about when a visitor is attracted to your banner – maybe it’s showing “Email Marketing eBook” with a call to action button as a “free download.” When your visitor clicks it, you want them to go to the register-to-get-free-book page, not some other application page.
  5. Keep Online Ad Series Consistent. Designers create banners in different formats and different sizes. Remind them to keep those consistent. This will help your visitors identify your ad easily. It’s YOU, not some other company.
  6. Interaction Online Ad (Data Capture). Some ad publishers aim to drive traffic to their website and encourage visitors to register. You should also consider a registration form on your online banner. We think data capture on a flash ad banner really works!

Good luck on your online ad marketing!