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Tips to promote your brand by Webinar


Webinar is new stuff compared to previous topics we have covered such as Email Marketing, Database Marketing, and Online Ad Marketing. Webinar is becoming popular and has recently become widely used, playing an important role in the new Internet virtual world. Since it’s very cost efficient, more and more marketers have increased their investment in it. We would like to share some tips to help your use of Webinar when promoting your brand.

  1. Get an appropriate webinar tool/platform. We recommend two tools for you to reference: Webex and GoToWebinar. Webex is very easy to organize and helps you to host a fast and stable webinar. GoToWebinar is a sub-product of GoToMeeting, and you can try a free trial of both by checking on their website.
  2. Customize your webinar. Most of the Online Meeting and Webinar platforms provide the feature of customization. It’s a great opportunity to promote your brand, upload your company’s logo, highlight keywords, and create a slogan for the current campaign. All this will help to emphasize the message you want to deliver to your attendees.
  3. Co-branding. The Internet is an equitable world. It’s easier to get a chance to place your logo next to a “big brand” company – which hardly ever happens in the real world. Make your webinar topic unique and interesting, send invitations to big companies for free speaker events, and promote opportunities. You will have a great chance to co-brand with them.
  4. Play advertisement video in the waiting period. Most of you may already be aware that neither webinar nor online meetings will start on time sharply. Cleverly use the minutes before the webinar kicks off to play a brand ad video which will help to get the perfect impression.
  5. Survey during the break session. Post a survey during the break session with a program that will not only help you to better understand the attendees, but also provide a great chance to win more subscriptions.
  6. Post-Webinar letters. Most webinar letters are more than just Thank You letters. Offer some valuable whitepapers to win them as subscribers, or send them an email regularly with either newsletters or discount promotions. Believe us, you will fall in love with the profit you can get from it.