Tips to promote your Brand by Database Marketing

We would like to share some tips to promote your brand using database marketing – which is the foundation of online marketing. To promote your brand means you need to deliver the right message to the right person. Who is your target audience? Who needs to know your brand? Dig the answers out from your database. Below are steps and tips for your reference:

  1. Build your Database. Building up your own customer database is an important first step. You can collect data from your website registration, your social media friends, your twitter followers, and those customers who already have bought your products or services. Catch as much information as you can.
  2. Key Information. Contact, Company, Transactions – these are the 3 you need to include in the database. Contact and Company are critical fields needed to touch your customers. Transaction information is helpful when analyzing current customers’ behaviors.
  3. Segmentation. You don’t want to waste your marketing dollar in the wrong market. Segment your database and deliver different messages to different groups – you cannot tell the same story to teenagers as you do to their parents.
  4. Propensity to Buy Model. Since you have your transaction log in your database, you can build up your own propensity to buy model. Leverage the score cards to easily find out who has the most potential to buy your product or service.
  5. Keep Data Updated. It costs much more to gain a new contact than it does to retain an existing one. Update your data regularly so you can be sure of your mail’s destination. Keep your database clean to make sure the messages can be delivered to the right target.

Use your databases wisely and good luck!