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Retargeting: Reengage B2B Consumers


Retargeting is an advertising technique that is used to redirect customers back to a website that was previously visited. 2% of web users convert on their first visit to a website. This service specifically focuses on the 98% of customers who leave without making a purchase. Personalized ads are displayed on a large network of websites including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, and Google. Since it targets the viewers who have already expressed interest in your site, it allows you to narrow your advertising reach. Retargeting can be used via various communication channels, including social media, email, mobile devices, etc.1

How Does It Work?

1. A user visits your site
2. They view your product or service, but leave without purchasing
3. Anonymous retargeting “cookies” are placed in their browser
4. Retargeting displays your ad on sites they visit later, bringing them back and keeping your brand top of mind

Why Use Retargeting For B2B?

*A quick note about B2B: 
For those who may not know, B2B is short for “Business-to-Business” in which the exchange of services, products, or information takes place between businesses (not consumers).

67% of the B2B buying process takes place online. The sales process for B2B is typically much longer than for B2C.2 Consumers and businesses don’t behave the same way during the buying process. 44% of business customers don’t convert until two weeks or more after their initial visit. Possible B2B buyers are likely to thoroughly research all of their available options.

This process could take months before making a final decision, and these consumers may need to be reminded of your product. Retargeting will keep your company in front of potential customers as they are evaluating thecompetition.2 By selectively displaying your ad through the use of a daily “frequency cap”, you have the option not to over expose your ad to theconsumer.1 Different products warrant different retargeting time windows. Some products may require immediate reengagement and other products should be retargeted later.1 Redirecting visitors with a retargeting campaign allows you to grow your conversions and turn them into loyal customers. Retargeting also provides the opportunity for cross selling, in which you can inform a user of a related or complementary product to the one they previously looked at.2 During this long B2B sales cycle, retargeting can help increase return visits to your site by as much as 26%.

B2B Success Stories

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