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The New Age Of Social Media


It’s not just the age of social media, it’s the age of making a powerful (and short) impact.

No one likes ads or brand-pushing on the web (don’t be a shouter), so if you’re looking to build your brand on the web, consider if your post content is something that can be shared– and if it entices other users to “like” or follow your company.

To really get a message out on your brand’s page, you will need the help of others to spread your content. No one but your own employees will want to share an ad or slogan for your company. These days, it’s more about the content itself than the brand, but you can get your brand out there if you have good shareable content. (eBook: 58 Social Media Ideas to Inspire Your Content Marketing) Is the content worth sharing? Is there a “share” button nearby so viewers can post on their own social media accounts?

Since there is an abundance of information on social media, you need to say things that are not only relevant, but that look good and get a point across with a bang. How to make your content stand out? Using visual imagery such as infographics, photos, charts, unique graphics, videos, and even SlideShare presentations can help your content get views, likes, and shares. Engage with users, too, by asking questions or their opinions.

Lastly, remember that you want to emerge as a thought leader so people will like and share your content. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, why should they follow you and push your content? Be informative and on top of what’s going on in your industry