Vertical Search And Search Engine Marketing

What Is Vertical Search?

Vertical search is not a new idea. Niche search engines that perform a specialized search for a specific market segment have existed for a number of years. The growth of vertical search engines however has surged forward in recent years. Vertical search can target a narrow audience segment showing interest in a very specific area which, in turn, increases the efficiency of online advertising. To find similar search results using Google or Yahoo the user would need to enter a long string of search terms. Vertical search, however, will not generate maximum traffic to your site the same way an organic search engine listing could if your site has been developed by a professional website design company like Psycray with an eye directed toward optimal keyword placement.

What Are The Advantages Of Vertical Search?

When you use a vertical search engine like or your search results come back focused on the target market being searched. A vertical search engine delivers to business searches quickly and easily what the big search engines cannot search results that focus only on their target area of interest. You can target ads more effectively to site visitors. As an advertiser on a vertical site you are able to reach potential customers more quickly.

Who Is Using Paid Search ?

Paid search spending in the US is focused in four categories – retail, financial services, media and entertainment and travel. Spending on paid search in these four areas alone accounts for 79% of the total market. 1 Zia Wigder, Vice President and Research Director at Jupiter Research predicts that vertical search providers will continue to grow and “play an important role in the paid search market in the next five years.

Can Vertical Search Help You ?

Vertical search may not be the answer for every website. It will not generate the same amount of traffic found in an organic search engine listing for a site that has been developed and designed by a professional website design company like Psycray.

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