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Law Firms: Integrated Marketing & Client Relationship Management

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What is Psycray’s approach to law firm marketing?

  • Psycray empowers businesses by offering ongoing support, educating clients on tasks that can’t be outsourced, and providing reasonably priced services for impractical tasks.
  • By providing an integrated office workflow that works as a powerful marketing tool, our goal is to empower businesses to achieve their full potential and streamline their operations.

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Online marketing is a high priority for most firms, yet most don’t know what is involved, what can be done internally or where to start. We utilize a collaborative approach to law firm marketing by educating clients on how to do the things they can’t outsource, offering ongoing support and providing reasonable services for the things that are impractical do on their own.

Our Goal: Provide an integrated office workflow that simultaneously works as a powerful marketing tool and empowers the whole office.
Now you might be wondering – what types of things can be done? Let’s take a look at some work done for another client of ours.

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Our client came to us with a problem that is commonly encountered by small law offices: I don’t know where to start, but I know what problems I need to solve.

  1. I am working for free when I take calls outside of the office.
  2. Our whole firm wastes time uploading documents to our external vendors and agencies.
  3. I waste a lot of time looking through my phone, calendar and emails trying to find client communications and history.
  4. I have several ad campaigns running, but I can’t identify which ones are effective and which ones are just losing money.

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Start billing for all of those out-of-office calls and meetings.

Our client was adamant about keeping his clients close, but he wanted an alternative to giving out his personal phone number; and he needed to recoup on all of those unbilled phone calls. We identified a VOIP (internet phone) provider that integrated with Smokeball, to ensure every call that Our client receives is tracked and billed.

We also wanted to help Our client regain his personal life; so he can use the RingCentral mobile app to receive calls on the go – and show his firm’s phone number when makes calls while traveling.

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, everyone at Our client’s firm was able to resume business as usual.
Using mobile apps and desktop softphones (desktop apps), all of his employees were able to make and receive calls as if they were in the office. They can even the ability to transfer calls between devices and employees.

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Eliminating time wasters and improving efficiency.

Our client’s staff was spending a lot of time sending the same documents to insurance agencies, clients and courthouses.

By implementing Smokeball case management software, he gained the ability to submit documents one time, then automatically send them out to all necessary parties.

Additionally, they no longer needed to email documents back and forth internally; Smokeball gave them the ability to work collaboratively on documents, eliminating multi-touch time loss.

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We provided Our client with instant access to his email, call and document history by integrating all of his systems.
Because these tools all work together, Our client’s employees never have to break their flow.
They now have the ability to:
  • See call history for a contact, when viewing an email in Outlook
  • View all calls and emails when managing cases in Smokeball
  • Pull client information directly into Microsoft Word / Excel and automate the creation of documents per client or case type

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