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What You Need To Do Get It Right


What are some important items to consider when developing or changing a website?

  1. Keywords. You need to make sure your client can find you on google. You can do this with either natural rankings or using a method to pay for certain keywords that are used to research your product or service.
  2. Content. And lots of it. Answer your client’s questions. In this world, potential buyers do more research before they make a decision and they do not rely on salespeople for their information anymore. They just don’t have to.
  3. Link building. If you are trying to rank for words, and if there is a lot of competition, then content and keyword tagging won’t be enough. Google wants to see that others think your site is important. Not just you.
  4. Site look. You need it to look professional. Award winning sites have great images, and this makes all the difference.
  5. Usability. You site should be easy to use. Users have a short attention span. You only have 2 clicks and 7 seconds to convince them you have the answer they are looking for. Once you convince them, then they will stay on your site longer. Website usability should not be at the expense of design goal. Web usability is about making your website in such a way that your site users can find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. A usable website can reap huge benefits onto your website and your business. Your site is a powerful communication tool, but its strength is quickly diminished if it is not easy to use with an intuitive interface providing fast access to content.A quick analysis of your site can make all the different and frequently a few simple improvements will have the desired effect.Psycray offers varied levels of usability analysis, from simple recommendations to thorough reports following user group feedback.