Learning about your goals and objectives means more to Psycray than reading a mission statement. It means open communication, right from the start. We understand the web. We will ask the right questions to help you to clarify and refine your business goals and your online marketing requirements.


A great site has little value if no one can find it. One of the essential groups of ingredients we “bake into” every website is the use of effective key words – essential to good search. We want your site to be easily found by the people that matter most to you. We do our homework to ensure we select the right keywords that your audiences use in searches and with which we can realistically be successful in getting high rankings. We also ensure everything is easy to find within the site.


We study your web analytics to help us better understand more about your users and their technical needs. Our process involves understanding your business and technical requirements to ensure your new website succeeds compared to your competition.



Every picture tells a story, and we want to help our clients tell and sell their great stories. We follow a careful process to understand your business, offerings and objectives. We create sites that fit and support your brand, engage your users and help grow your business.


We know that interface design, typography, and illustration cannot succeed without an exceptional user experience. Our user-centered interfaces work hand-in-hand with your vision, user needs, and our cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional results.


Throughout the early stages of development we use many different interactive tools to communicate and keep our clients involved to insure we are creating the exact website they invision.



We know and use the right tools (software and programming languages) every day. We carefully assess your needs and recommend the best approach to build your site to meet all of your needs – and to function flawlessly.


By the end of 2014 mobile usage is estimated to overtake desktop usage. Using elements of responsive web design, we can craft your website to automatically look and function great, whether on a 30″ mega-screen, a tablet, or a phone, and for a fraction of the cost of an app!


Psycray’s diverse staff allows us to offer services beyond website development, SEO, SEM, and Marketing Agency support. We offer long term website maintenance and trouble shooting. We do this by building sites with open-source content management systems and tools, such as WordPress. We provide tutorials so that you too can learn the basis for editing content and making changes.



We take a holistic approach to make your website easy for search engines (and hence, users) to find and for users to find what they need on your site. Again, it’s about Findability. We employ a variety of proven techniques ranging from what and how much we write, specific words we use, appropriate title tags, how we structure the site, links to and from your site, and much more.


Paid search management is how we help big and small clients achieve strong visibility when desired prospects conduct online searches. We build programs centered on specific budget amounts, the right key words to go after in searches, and attracting the right prospects. We constantly measure, assess, and fine-tune our programs to maximize return.


Succeeding in the social media space is an important element in any marketing plan.  Social media marketing programs work to create positive, interesting, up-to-date content that attracts user attention and encourages users to share the content with their social networks.  When considering a market expansion into the social media arena, as with all marketing campaigns, it is important that you have a goal in mind.  There are many different avenues that social media marketing can impact: website traffic, conversions, a broader brand awareness…

Gaining traffic or attention through social media sites requires time and resources.  Let us handle your social media marketing.