In the past you’ve known us as a traditional web development firm, but we have so much more to show you.

It’s no secret that mobile devices have taken a strong foothold in the marketplace; but every day it becomes more ingrained in B2B culture too.

With that in mind, we would like to review a few key benefits of having a mobile application and discuss ways you can leverage it to spur growth.

The 10,000ft. summary is:

  1. Users will see the SQS logo dozens of times a day.  The user looks at their mobile homescreen many times a day.  Having your app icon on the homescreen will keep SqS top of mind and easy to access.  A truly persistent branding technique.
  2. Easy access. SQS is as close as your mobile phone & the press of your thumb.
  3. Works Offline.  The SQS dashboard data is fully available even when offline.  
  4. Costs very little to build.  App development is expansive.  The PWA route is super inexpensive.  Can be done for a few thousand dollars.  One code base for desktop, Apple and Android.  Cheap to build and maintain.

Since mobile apps first became popular, the number one obstacle for companies has been cost.

This technology continues to advance, and now we can build native mobile applications using progressive web app technology – it’s just an extension of modern web development!

Organic Brand Amplification

Mobile apps put your company logo on customer’s mobile home screen, keeping your company front of mind

Establishing a mobile presence will remind your customers that your services are available, any time the need arises

Push notifications allow you to send alerts and updates to customers in realtime. 

Reduced Development Costs

Developing a mobile application is not only more affordable than it used to be – it’s cheaper than the traditional “desktop website” approach.


  1. Features & changes implemented in the mobile app will affect all 3 platforms (desktop, tablet, phone)
    –  Mobile-first development tackles the most restrictive platform first, then scale up to larger devices with ease
  2. By using PWA as the foundation for the app; you very low-cost entry into building a mobile app

Keeps Customers Connected, Even Offline

Any content that is important to customers can be made available offline.

In fact, nearly all features can be available offline, depending on (user registration, product reviews, etc)