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What makes a great B2B newsletter

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B2B newsletters

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what makes one great?

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Email campaigns are one of the many voices of your company. They are a direct line of communication to ensure you and your clients stay on the same page, not just a task to check off each week.
Your emails should embody your personal voice. Don’t give your clients the impression that you are cold calling them – your goal is to provide extra value and keep them informed about any updates regarding your company.

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But how do you keep your emails personal without being overly casual? The answer is using the right tone of voice to support your message and your company’s values.

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To assess your tone, you should be asking yourself if your message is clear, confident and compelling (The 3 C’s).

Clear – You are trying to deliver a clear message, that means using the simplest language available without losing your crucial points in excessive industry jargon and buzzwords.

Confident – This is arguably the most important element in your communication.
Your client needs to feel comfortable and believe that they are in expert hands.

Compelling – You have something special to offer your clients, but you have to make them understand what that is. A confident, easy-to-understand message won’t be memorable to the reader if you don’t explain what unique value sets you apart from any of your competitors.

Now you’ve shared some personal anecdotes and set the tone for the core message of your email; you have the reader’s attention. You need to deliver a message that provides actual value to the client.

The key is to make sure you aren’t sending emails just to send emails. Every time you email your list, you need to deliver something of real value. The more value you deliver in every email, the more loyal your subscribers will become, and your open rates will increase.
It isn’t enough to list your company’s services and products, they likely already know what those are. Tell your readers what you provide that your competitors do not. Let them know about any recent service offerings that weren’t available when you last communicated with them.
A great email should educate your clients – about your unique strengths, industry-wide news and company events. When you clearly and confidently communicate this information to the client, it will compel them to do business with you – the sales pitch happens organically.

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Need help finding your voice?

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Choosing the proper words to ensure your customer hears you can be a challenge.
We can make sure they don’t fall on deaf ears.

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